Mother Doing Good

Self Magazine has an award contest called Women Doing Good. It honors women who give their time and talents to charitable organizations. I know such a woman: my mother. I am fortunate to have been raised my a woman who is always seeking to do good things for others. She has been a great example to me, and I think she should be recognized for it. I admit (sorry, Mom!) that I am doing this without telling her first. I think she'll forgive me. Following is the essay I submitted to the magazine on her behalf. Love you Mom!!

My mother is a remarkable individual, both as a mother and a woman. When I think of a woman doing good, she is absolutely the first one that comes to my mind. She is a the kind of person that would rather do something for someone else than for herself.

My mother retired about a year and a half ago, and has been just as busy without a full-time job. She works tirelessly as a board member for Riverlink. Her role is the Chair for the Executive Committee. Riverlink &quo…

Cloudy with a Chance of Sun

Although I have not been blogging everyday, I have been keeping up the other end of the bargain...for the most part. I have been doing something for myself every day. On Thursday, I spent time with a girlfriend at a concert. On Friday, I took the day off from work and did things at my own pace. Then I had a weekend away with my sweetheart: time to linger over a meal, have conversations not about work. While it was a weekend not just about me, it was about awareness. I was mindful of my enjoyment and the value of my relationship with my partner.

This exercise has become one of considerations, thoughtfulness about alot of things and not just about me. Have I been kind to myself, did I remember to tell my sweetheart how much I cherish him? Today, I took the time to do things for other people, this created a new layer of mindfulness. If I am considering others, this is an act I did on purpose..which makes me feel positive. Today I bought my niece a stuffed animal, I called my mother for a …

Mindful Me: Round 2

Though I did not actually blog about it, I did do something for myself yesterday: I took some time at the end of the day to read an article from my favorite magazine.

And interestingly, making the commitment to do more mindful things, actually made me think about and look forward to creating this time for myself. I felt satisfied (and a little smug) that I accomplished my goal for the second day in a row. I fully admit that I am not known for my follow through. Personally, baby steps really help. I don't put so much pressure on myself to be mindful, which makes the process more natural. This way, I hope that more awareness and mindfulness will creep into my life. One day, I hope to wake up and realize how much I've improved my own life....without depending on anyone else. Yay day 2!

Mindful Me

The definition of mindful (according to Webster's) is as follows:
1: bearing in mind: AWARE
2: inclination to be aware

I'm inclined to NOT be very aware of myself lately. My mind-body connection has faltered, I'm tuned out from own channel. This means less exercise, less restfulness, less focus on me. This has lead to a general funk that I desperately want to leave behind. I know I'm not alone in wanting to be a better version of myself: brighter, fitter, smarter, cuter, more organized! Sounds like a self-help article in a magazine, doesn't it? Regardless, I do strive to be all of these things. But before I get there, I need to start at the beginning.

This is day one of my journey out of the slump. Each day, I am going to one thing just for me: meditation, exercise, read a book I've been trying to finish. To show my commitment and keep myself honest, I'm going to document this forward step every day. My goal is start with one thing, and eventually live in a per…

I Fell in Love with a Republican

There was a time in my life, where I had a strict set of rules about what my ideal mate was going to look like. Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I am very much a pro-choice, Obama-loving, gun-hating Democrat. How did a nice girl from Asheville end up falling for a gun-toting Republican?

With Kid Gloves

I had a lesson in the use of kid gloves today. Or rather, the lack of them. I choose not to include the subject matter or the person in question, because it is not required to make my point.

I remember being a little girl and my mother saying to me, "You catch more flies with honey." Not to be punny, but that saying has always stuck with me. I don't claim to always use this sage advice in my dealings with people, but I do keep it in the forefront of my mind. My translation of this quaint adage is:if you are sweet in your treatment of another, they are more likely to do as you ask. This point of view came into stark contrast this afternoon, when I had someone treat me (and others) in the exact opposite manner: bullying, threatening, demanding. The ferocity with which this speech was delivered made me have an almost out-of-body experience. Part of me was horrified, the other part was fascinated, simply because I was amazed that a person could think such delivery would get …

A Weighty Subject

All my life, I've been a little on the thin side. My clothes have usually been a tad too big, my collar bone prominent. But lately, I've noticed that my pants are a bit snug. This is, I admit, a foreign concept. Especially the part where I (cover your eyes, parents)actually have what they refer to as cleavage.

I always saw extra weight as the enemy, uncharted territory I never wanted to navigate. But now, this unfamiliar five pounds is starting to feel...well, familiar. I like the way I look with a more womanly shape. It feels good to be content with a slightly swelled version of myself, a reality I never thought I'd welcome. Whatever the reason (being in my thirties?), I hope I continue to have a rosier impression when I look in the mirror.